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Birthdate:May 13
Location:Texas, United States of America
Some of you may know me by association. I am a complicated case, but for the sake of brevity, I share a body with a young woman named Kizzy. She has also used the names Keziah, Aevie, and further in the past, Wings of Aegis. If you knew her, chances are I already know of you...not to sound creepy or anything. :p

I do not subscribe easy, so if you add me and I do not know you, I will PM you to get to know you prior to adding you. Other than that, I am pretty friendly and open!

You can probably tell just by glancing at my interests that I am a little "out there" as far as beliefs go. Spiritwork is a frequent topic of my journal, as is working through my issues. If those things bother you, feel free to turn away now.

Interests (150):

afi, altars, androgyny, angelkin, angels, animism, anthropology, anxiety, apollo, ariadne, aromatherapy, art, arts & crafts, astral projection, astral travel, authenticity, balance, bdsm, beauty, blaqk audio, breaking benjamin, britomartis, bull, celestials, chaos magic, comparative mythology, compassion, crete, death, death and rebirth, deep discussions, depression, dionysus, divination, diy, drawing, dreams, eclectic paganism, ecstasy, elements, empathy, energy work, enneagram, existentialism, fire, fire tiger, flowers, folklore, genderfluid, genderqueer, godbothered, godowned, greek mythology, growth, hades, handmade, healing, heathenism, heaven, hell, hellenism, herbalism, herbology, hermes, history, honesty, hope, infj, insomnia, introspection, introversion, journeying, jung, kink, knossos, labrys, labyrinths, leather, lilies, liminal spaces, lion, lovedrug, magick, meditation, metalwork, minoan, minos, minotaur, moon, morpheus, mumford and sons, mythology, neil gaiman, neopagan, neuroatypicality, nietzsche, nihilism, nyx, occult, occultism, otherkin, pagan, paganism, painting, pansexual, pansexuality, past lives, persephone, personal growth, personal mythology, philosophy, photography, polyamory, psychology, reading, reincarnation, religion, research, ritual, roses, sacred, sacred sexuality, samael, sandman, sariel, serpents, shamanism, sleepthief, snakes, social anxiety, somnaphobia, spg, spirituality, sun, susanoo, symbolism, symbols, tarot, taurus, totems, transgender, type 6, underworld, upg, water, wings, witchcraft, writing, year of the tiger, zagreus
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